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Steam Little Toolkit

Steam Little Toolkit cover image

Personal project.

Goal was to enhance the Steam Store experience. This was achieved by various tweaks; For example, the removal of automatic livestreams, bypassing the age check, and removing ignored games.

All of these tweaks could be toggled on or off at any time.

At first, it was a simple userscript, as it can be seen on the original repository. With time, it evolved into a browser extension, as I wanted to share it to the world.

The last update introduced privacy-friendly analytics which enabled me to view how many users were using the extension. At the moment of this writing (February 9, 2022), the extension was used by 143 users in the last month.

Notable Technologies

  • NodeJS
  • Gulp
  • Browser Extension
  • Userscript
  • getInsights.io

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